I am a proud mom of two sweet little ones. They are our sunshine. Love of our life. They making us to realize how important each and every second in our live and how important to capture little beautiful moments we have together.

Having a baby is a great blessing from above. Newborn photography was the medicine for me during my fertility treatments with numerous cycles of pills, needles and testes. I always amazed about magic of pregnancy and miracle of birth. Seeing newborn faces and capturing their cute little moments is the best blessing for me. The little ones are precious and capturing their lovely moments kept me to take more and more pregnancy and newborn sessions.

Even though I hold engineering degree, my passion for photography made me to take photography courses in collage. My desire for nature made me to take more outdoor sessions. My love for capturing nature, baby, infant and family is growing day by day. I am hoping to capture more and more beautiful moments of ours and yours as well.

My Heart full thanks to my hubby who always there for me and support me to reach for the stars.